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Ask The Experts: Dealing With Water Quality Issues


Do you have questions that continue to go unanswered? Are you looking for new solutions to problems that you are experiencing within you operation? Then this is a can’t miss time slot for you! During this live, open format, you’ll have the chance to ask industry experts questions and get answers on key topics.

Preventing Recreational Water Illnesses And Operating A Public Pool During COVID-19


Pools, waterparks and other water-related venues are great sources of fun and exercise. However, with aquatic activities there are risks of waterborne illness and injury. Pools and similar facilities can harbor pathogens that make us sick, and sometimes the chemicals intended to inactivate these pathogens can irritate our skin, eyes and lungs. Fortunately, most of […]

Managing Indoor Air Quality


Poor air quality in indoor waterparks may create serious health risks, can cause equipment corrosion and significantly increases energy costs. Review criteria for effective indoor pool air system design and the recognized air-side solutions. Examine how water chemistry leads to the formation and off-gassing of disinfection by-products and discover viable water-side solutions. Learn options for […]

Facilities Risk Assessments: Managing Safety & Maintenance In Waterparks


Learn how to identify potential risk and determine the best course of action for resolution. Hear about how to properly inspect and maintain waterslides in compliance with current safety standards. Discover best practices and new technology to enhance essential routines in areas like ride maintenance & safety, health & safety, operations, food & beverage and […]