WWA University: Waterpark Maintenance School

WWA University: Waterpark Maintenance School

The WWA University: Waterpark Maintenance Workshop will feature top industry experts presenting topics designed to help waterpark operators improve their maintenance programs. You will have the opportunity to challenge a panel of experts to help solve even your toughest operational issues. Whether you are experienced with waterpark operations and looking to up your technical knowledge or you are a seasoned maintenance/engineering professional who is still getting your feet wet in waterparks, you’ll find content that will help increase your knowledge and understanding of the many unique facets of maintaining a waterpark. Topics include inspection, maintenance and repair related to: chemistry controllers, filtration, steel components in aquatic environments, fiberglass, pumps, VFD’s, netting, play structures, and UV systems.

A networking lunch that brings together attendees and presenters from all WWA’s full day workshops taking place on October 24th will be included in registration for this workshop. Please note that you must pre-register for a workshop by October 16th in order to be guaranteed access to the lunch.

Tuition for this course is $169.

This workshop is sponsored by Safe Slide Restoration  and ASC Pumping Equipment




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