Tuesday, October 19

WWA Advanced Water Quality Certificate Course

9:00am to 5:00pm

Location: 209

Some have described the WWA’s Advanced Water Quality Certificate Course as an AFO or CPO course on “steroids,” as the information far exceeds the basic knowledge offered about operating typical swimming pools in the certification classes. Let’s face it, waterparks place a very high workload on most all of the water treatment systems including water collection, re-circulation, filtration, chemical control and chemical feed that demands operators and supervisors maintain a higher level of water treatment knowledge.

The AWQ course explores, in depth, the hows and whys of sanitation and oxidation, the two most important treatment processes in park water along with expanded discussions of the outboard treatment system of filtration, ozone and UV. Telemetry also has become a very useful tool in monitoring the mechanical room systems that helps protect both patrons and equipment.

With the continued prevalence of spray parks and splash pads being built and/or added to existing facilities, this course will include a special section and sharing time on successes and disasters.

Current AFO or CPO certification and 3 years’ experience or equivalent are prerequisites.

Tuition for this course is $169.