Education Tracks

WWA University: Waterpark Design, Development & Expansion Workshop (Optional)


The WWA University: Waterpark Design, Development & Expansion Workshop is an optional event that brings together leading industry development experts, licensed design professionals and facility operators to discuss the most important topics relating to waterpark development and expansion. You’ll hear from experienced operators who have been through the development process and successfully navigated the challenges. […]

Turning The Page: Innovative Park Renovations


As innovative applications in design and technology continue to advance, more and more parks are starting to age out of some of the attractions that they built 10, 20 or even 30 years ago and are looking to renovate or expand with new attractions that meet the demands of today’s guests. In this session, we […]

Ask The Experts: Renovating & Adding Attractions


Do you have questions that continue to go unanswered? Are you looking for new solutions to problems that you are experiencing within your operation? Then this is a can’t miss time slot for you! You’ll have the chance to hear industry experts answer questions on key topics.

Retractable Roofs: The Best Investment In Aquatics


Discussion of top issues faced by all aquatic venues and how retractable roofs facilitate natural ventilation and daylighting, contributing to healthier occupied spaces and lowering energy costs. This session will explain how retractable roofs: save energy through daylighting and reduced reliance on mechanical ventilation; reduce the carbon footprint and lifecycle operational costs of a building; facilitate natural ventilation […]

Thinking Of A New Attraction? We Have Some Questions…


What type of attraction do you want? What type do you need? Are you looking for marketing pop, increasing capacity, filling a niche? Who is it for: little guys, big kids, families, tweens, teens, really big kids? Adventure, thrill, skill or relaxation? How much do you want to spend? How much do you have?  How […]

A Neuro-Scientific Approach To Happiness At Attractions


If we can understand by measuring how and under which conditions emotions shape experiences, then we can design, redesign and optimize the experience and maximize the benefit. Neuroscience methodologies have various ways to measure stress, fear and happiness in the brain. The results suggest that participation in experiential activities, such as waterparks, theme parks and […]

Behind The Scenes Of Royal Caribbean’s Game-Changing Island Waterpark


When Royal Caribbean International first announced its Perfect Day Island collection, it changed the game not only for the cruise industry, but for vacation destinations as a whole. Now, as the first Perfect Day at CocoCay and its Thrill Waterpark celebrates a year of operation, the brand is making the most of its popularity while […]

Better Experiences Through Better Accessibility


Discover the success story of Morgan’s Wonderland & Inspiration Island, a park created with the focus of ensuring attractions would be more accessible to enable everyone to play. Learn the best practices of how to implement accessibility into parks and gain a better understanding of the differences an accessible park can create for the experience […]