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WWA University: Waterpark Design, Development & Expansion Workshop


The WWA University: Waterpark Design, Development & Expansion Workshop brings together leading industry development experts, licensed design professionals and facility operators to discuss the most important topics relating to waterpark development and expansion. You’ll hear from experienced operators who have been through the development process and successfully navigated the challenges. Learn their secrets and what […]

Revitalizing Aging Waterparks for Sophisticated Patrons


Give us your tired, your poor, your aging waterparks and aquatic centers! How do you take that non-performing asset and turn it into something new and exciting? The 1980s and 1990s saw an evolution of the traditional waterpark and swimming pools with the introduction of zero depth entry pools, waterslides and interactive play structures. Today, […]

Creating A Successful Municipal Waterpark Using Our Mission Word: SAFE


This presentation will highlight successful practices that have created a profitable municipal waterpark without tax payer subsidies. Discover “SAFE” as a mission word: Safety, Affordable, Family, Entertainment. Everything begins and ends with safety. Affordability can be achieved by ensuring everyone can enjoy all aspects of the waterpark by making use of a portion of profits […]

By George – Lessons Learned from Wet ‘n Wild


Wet ’n Wild in Orlando, Florida, was hailed as the first commercial waterpark in the United States. Attendance was over one million annually when it was demolished to make way for a new, much larger waterpark this year. Being the first, founder George Millay had no World Waterpark Association, no experienced suppliers or designers and […]

Play As The Universal Language Of Our Business


Learn how expanding the focus on interactive play can lead to improved length of stay, guest satisfaction and a stronger sense of community. Play is our first universal language. From our earliest days of our lives, we react to and learn from each other as we develop basic skills of social interaction. Embracing the primal nature of play […]

Waterpark & Resort Trends Across the Globe


Discover what’s going on in the world of waterparks outside your front door and across the globe. Hotel & Leisure Advisors’ president will reveal current trends in North American indoor and outdoor waterparks and waterpark resorts, including developments, openings, amenities and performance. AECOM Economics’ vice president will identify details of international waterparks and waterpark resorts, […]

Voice Of The Visitor


PGAV in conjunction with H2R and Blooloop have embarked on a yearly survey of people who have visited an attraction in the current year or plan to visit in the upcoming year to study the visitor’s viewpoint of attractions, reactions, expectations and trends. This can be used to provide an industry-standard dashboard that quantifies aggregate […]