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WWA University: Waterpark Design, Development & Expansion Workshop


The WWA University: Waterpark Design, Development & Expansion Workshop is an optional event that brings together leading industry development experts, licensed design professionals and facility operators to discuss the most important topics relating to waterpark development and expansion. You’ll hear from experienced operators who have been through the development process and successfully navigated the challenges. […]

Maximizing Your Passive Capacity: The Hidden Factor To Driving Your Per Cap Revenue


While active capacity generally gets all of the attention, passive capacity can be as important a contributor to a park’s overall success. Passive capacity, the spaces between the attractions, is where a park’s identity really shines. Identifying the ideal number of appropriately designed and located passive areas can be as impactful on guest experience and […]

Creating A Lasting Impression: Elevating Guest Experience Through Design


This engaging presentation will feature compelling case studies on how design can make a difference in guest experience, create lasting memories and an “I want to go back again” appeal. Understand how proper planning and design with incorporating a strong theme can help create an environment that is as enjoyable as the ride features are. Learn […]

Inside The Aquatics Studios


Have you ever wondered what it takes to design a waterpark or water attraction? Where do all these crazy ideas and designs come from? Come take a peek inside the minds of a few of the “masters of design” behind some of your favorite water attractions. Our panel of prominent industry design professionals will discuss […]

When Is The Right Time To Plan For New Attractions?…NOW!


Knowing when to capitalize on growing trends and open new streams of revenue is a crucial strength for waterpark operators. But you shouldn’t always wait until your metrics are plateauing, or worse—dropping—before you start thinking about a new attraction or expansion. Having a masterplan in place and talking to the right consultants NOW will put […]

Best Practices For Ensuring A Successful Project Build From Below Ground To Top-Of-The-Tower


Discover ALL of the “hidden” or often unseen elements involved with designing and building a new park or ride, and learn best practices when it comes to the program management of your project. Hear from experienced operators, developers and people with their boots directly on the ground, to examine what is really involved when it […]

I Got To Build My Own Waterpark


Learn how two operators were able to influence park design and build of their waterparks to ensure operational efficiency and safety. Learn the value of being involved from the start and how to overcome the hurdles to opening a brand new waterpark or expansion during a global pandemic. Understand how to communicate your operational needs to […]