Shawn Bowman

IdeaSeat Marketing and Advertising


Shawn Bowman is the founder of and CEO of IdeaSeat Marketing and Advertising, a Chicago-based creative and targeted marketing agency, specializing in waterparks, hotel and entertainment properties as well as many other industries. He has been a corporate branding advisor on strategic targeted marketing and thought-leadership development since 2007. With 20 years’ client marketing experience, Bowman helps corporations leverage current technologies to drive sales, online visibility and generate leads. His practical approach to teaching and training uses simple explanations to demystify complex marketing strategies and topics. He specializes in targeted marketing, heightening waterpark/resort awareness and focused marketing strategies and tactics. Actively involved with the industry for 16 years, Bowman and his team have received numerous awards for online, television, radio and print design and he is currently on the WWA’s Marketing & Communications Committee, for which he has also served as chairman. As the CEO for IdeaSeat, Bowman leads marketing programs in Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, Digital Strategies, App Development, Content Strategy, Analytics, Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing Strategies and Branding for B2B and B2C clientele. Bowman’s passion, dedication and exceptional attention to detail helps executives build, expand and protect strong reputations and brands that cultivate fresh business.