Michael Oostman

Oostman Aquatic Safety Consulting


Michael Oostman was a nationally ranked swimmer who became a lifeguard in the mid to late 80’s.  This lead to a life-long professional career in aquatic safety consulting. Starting with Jeff Ellis & Associates in 1992, he worked to become a Vice President responsible for training and consulting to Walt Disney World, litigation support, accident investigations and international business. Oostman left E&A in 2004 and started a private firm specifically focused on accident investigations, litigation support and educational consulting.  To date, he has performed over 800 drowning and injury related investigations and has been retained in hundreds of lawsuits as an expert witness. Oostman brings a pragmatic understanding of the aquatic industry to his teaching, mentoring, counseling and testifying due in large part to his unparalleled experiences of forensic accident investigation and litigation involvement. His passion and drive is rooted in his desire to inspire and empower individuals to be successful.