Mark Moore

Gulf Islands Waterpark

General Manager

Mark Moore is the Chief Operating Officer of the LSAR Group and the General Manager of Gulf Islands Waterpark. Moore is heavily involved with the World Waterpark Association. He is the Past Chair of the Board of Directors, and former Chair of the Technology Committee and the Waterpark Resort Committee. In the past, he has also served as the General Manager/Vice President of Splash Universe Resorts and the General Manager of Splash Lagoon Waterpark Resort. With his broad range of experience from building and opening new parks to reenergizing existing parks, he often presents at the WWA Show and has published several articles in leading industry publications. Moore began his career in aquatics as a lifeguard in 1987 and has worked in the waterpark industry since 1996. Having worked in collegiate swimming and the indoor and outdoor waterpark business, he has gained a unique perspective of the industry. Utilizing a consultative management style and selling method, Moore has been successful in developing talent through the decision-making process by presenting innovative ideas and recommendations. By motivating his sales teams to generate business and growing product demand, Moore has been successful at generating long term profitable business relationships and partnerships. His experience has enabled him to develop growth strategies for maximizing the revenue of resorts, waterparks and various other businesses. By developing the correct mix of special events, marketing and pricing, Moore has consistently demonstrated an understanding of what it takes to maximize the yield of resorts, waterparks and consumer-based businesses.