Kenny Handler

Global Management Amusement Professionals


Kenny Handler has operated and managed many of California’s finest waterparks including Raging Waters, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and the Wave Waterpark, and has consulted with more than 70 facilities throughout the United States. He has been in the waterpark industry for the past 4 decades. As a nationally recognized waterpark professional, Handler continues to mentor and provide assistance to a number of well-known facilities offering memorable and safe adventures to hundreds of thousands of guests each year. He has maximized his client’s bottom lines by increasing their revenue and reducing their expenses. Handler has received national recognition for his marketing and success as an operator and General Manager. Handler’s achievements include: best in marketing commercials, radio ads, print media and promotional events from the WWA; winner of the first ever National Title for Lifeguard Competition, as well as numerous safety awards from Ellis & Associates. For the past decade, Handler has spoken at both national and regional conferences including: NRPA, WWA, CPRS, IPRA, FPRA and MPRA.Handler was instrumental in organizing the WWA’s inaugural full day food & beverage school in 2012 and has continued his role as organizer, adviser and presenter for the school for the past three years.