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Drama Queens, Blamers & Narcissists, Oh My!


Do you ever have to deal with giant egos, or blamers or people who find drama in every little thing? Do you have to work with anyone who always sees the negative in any situation? Or someone who is hyper-sensitive and always gets their feelings hurt? Sadly, not every person in an organization is nice, […]

How To Spell Customer Service With A “P”


This presentation will discuss the 15 different ways to approach, train or understand customer service and guest recovery delivery methods. Attendees will engage in an active dialogue on guest service best practices, new or tried-and-true training techniques. They will learn how to better understand not only their staff members’ outlook and approach to serving their […]

Building Meaningful Relationships At Work!


Many of us have heard that you need to separate your personal and professional life. However, building meaningful relationships that focus on trust, great communication and loyalty can significantly improve your culture at work. This session focuses on building lasting relationships that will improve employee morale and foster an environment where people come to work […]

The Ingredients That All Great Leaders Have


Leadership guru John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” That means that the success of this season depends directly on you and your leadership team. Unfortunately, for many of us, our personal leadership training and development has been very limited and mainly regulated to improvement in our position and park responsibilities. For many […]

Keynote Session: Creating A Customer Service Revolution


Become the brand people cannot live without by creating a customer service revolution. Learn how numerous companies have made customer service their biggest competitive advantage, are dominating their industries and are making their brand stand out in meaningful ways. During this insightful Keynote address by Jessica Bound, you’ll hear how you can help your employees […]

Creative In-Service Ideas For Maximum Staff Engagement


In-service doesn’t always need to be dreaded! This collaborative presentation will cover creative in-service activity ideas that go outside of the normal skills practice and will help keep your staff more engaged in the process. Learn how to develop a murder mystery party for training for an EAP scenario that will allow teams to move […]

From The Front Line To The Bottom Line: Managing Your Front-Line Staff For Success


Front-line management is by far the most complicated aspect of management within waterparks. Too often, the front-line operations are the last areas where we invest our time, money and efforts. Today’s challenges of tight budgets and difficulties finding staff only compound the challenges managers face. Yet, it is more important than ever to invest in […]