Education Tracks

To Protect And Perform


This session will address some things that every senior staff member needs to know about safe operational and training practices.

Featured Presentation: WOW! Service Excellence Revelations


Visiting, supporting and auditing attractions around the world has opened up a ‘Pandora’s box’ of service excellence revelations, impacted by the culture and health of organizations and some of their management practices. Attractions know that Service Excellence should WOW guests, yet so many cannot see that current practices are CRASHING their chances of SMASHING SUPER […]

Featured Presentation: Make Your Mark: Leadership & Life Lessons


Join former Walt Disney World and Great Wolf Resorts senior executive Mark Rucker as he shares lessons from his ‘life diary’ and upcoming book Make Your Mark: Leadership & Life Lessons. These short stories chronicle past and current lessons that Mark uses to tell life & leadership stories from his long and successful professional journey. […]

Reviving Work Ethic In A Post-COVID World


The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the workplace as we know it. Millions of jobs are being lost while others have been radically transformed. While important technical skills are eroding, what the biggest concern employers have are the diminishing soft skills of the emerging workforce. Nearly 9 out of 10 hiring managers in the U.S. […]

Why Are You Here? Finding Your Passion And Purpose Every Day!


Using excerpts from Simon Sinek’s, Start With Why, and Dale Carniege’s, How to Win Friends and Influence People, we will dive into generational differences, and people we work with and how we can get on the same page. How can we get the front line employees to buy in to a bigger purpose for the […]

Featured Presentation: Building & Maintaining A Positive Team Culture During Difficult Times


Come listen to a panel of waterpark operators talk about what it takes to build and maintain a positive team culture even when things are tougher than they’ve ever been. This inspiring session will help you get your team building plan off the right start in 2021.

Delegation For The Win!


In this session, you’ll learn that delegation when executed correctly will propel both you and your organization forward. Learn what correct execution looks like and how to avoid some of the more common mistakes when reaching out for assistance. Finally, leave this session knowing that delegation is no longer considered a sign of weakness, but […]

Step By Step To Waterpark Success


The reputation and success of your waterpark strongly depends on your organizational structure and the behaviors of your team members. This session will detail the structure and behaviors needed for a successful waterpark operation, develop a plan for you to get the right behaviors from your team members and help you to envision a path […]

Bring Out Your Inner Customer Service Guru


Learn how to gain a better understanding of your customers and their needs; find out how to help your employees bring out their inner guru, create “never and always” statements for your employees and create an exceptional customer service experience within your facility.