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30 Marketing Tips In 40 Minutes


We all like and want fresh ideas, but we all have limited time available to learn something new. In this session, you’ll gain insights on several successful marketing tactics and leave with at least one new marketing strategy to launch in 2021. This panel of marketers working in parks of different segments and sizes will […]

The Call Of The Consumer – COVID-19 Travel & Attraction Research Update


This presentation will explore how U.S. consumers and waterpark customers in particular have been navigating the world amid COVID-19 and related travel restrictions. You will learn how attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of waterpark customers compare to those of U.S. consumers as a whole, how masking ordinances are influencing their behavior and other ways that traveler […]

Don’t Go Bananas For Marketing


Marketing in today’s world is confusing, frustrating and ever-changing. Add in a niche market like aquatics and the everyday tactics that marketers use can leave you feeling a little “bananas!” Marketers have long used tactics like gorilla marketing, business to business and social media to drive leads and grow sales. In the aquatics world, we […]

Leveraging Your Data – Take Advantage Of What You Have For More Sales


So, you’ve been collecting data from ticket and pass purchases, surveys and drawings, but now what do you do with it all? Learn how to leverage your database and make it work for you, even learn automation techniques to increase per-cap spending. Find out the best ways to communicate with your current guests and how […]

Featured Presentation: Marketing 2020 – What In The World Happened & What’s Next In 2021?


During this open format, we’ll focus on problem solving, brainstorming and brand building on topics like social media, group sales, events and promotions, successful creative design, digital media and much more. 2020 has been a year of big challenges for all of us who market attractions, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to pose […]

Connect & Chat: Social Media


There so much benefit to gain from spending time networking and talking with your fellow waterpark attendees! During this open chat format, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded professionals who are working through the same challenges that you face and celebrating similar successes to yours. Hosted by: Tina Hatcher, 3i Advertising and Stephanie Hee-Johnston, […]

Ask The Experts: Sales, Admissions & POS Software


Do you have questions that continue to go unanswered? Are you looking for solutions to your toughest problems? Then this is a can’t miss time slot for you! During this live, open format, you’ll have the chance to ask industry experts questions and get answers on key topics.

How To Recharge Your Group Sales Game Plan


Whether you have a limited budget, are recovering from a down season or are just looking for new ideas, this session will help you recharge your group sales game plan so you are ready to tackle next summer. Draft up your new offerings so it benefits your team and fans. Recruit your groups that took […]

Influencer Marketing & Your Brand: How To Maximize This Strategy In 2021


Social media isn’t going anywhere. In fact, as it continues to evolve, it has become more sophisticated and is providing even more opportunities for you to connect with your audience and potential guests through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from online influencers, micro-influencers, people […]

The New Norm: Your Marketing Plan Post COVID-19


With our waterparks being impacted by the COVID-19, we all experienced unthinkable scenarios for the 2020 season. Hear from our expert panel of marketing professionals on how they navigated the COVID-19 pandemic in their respective markets and what changes they are implementing for 2021 and beyond.