Education Tracks

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WWA University: Ready, Set, Go! A Guide To Getting Started Workshop


This workshop is a practical guide for the first time waterpark operator or those new to management positions. Whether you are planning a public facility or your first waterpark commercial venture, this full day of exploring industry best practices with this panel of experienced waterpark professionals will prepare you for your first season or your […]

Should We Fire Our Guest?


The 2020 and 2021 operating seasons were difficult times for everyone. Operators asked team members to go above and beyond and take on increased responsibilities due to extra cleaning, social distancing and mask wearing and team members have had to complete their functions with more skill and patience than ever before due to decreased staffing […]

Smaller Park Meeting


Designed especially for smaller facilities, this old-fashioned town-hall meeting format encourages audience discussion of unique problems and solutions. Smaller park operators need to seemingly be masters of all trades and make a profit at the same time. Larger facilities have also expressed an appreciation for the open format discussion of issues and the exchange of […]

Waterpark Resort Roundtable


Join your industry colleagues for an in-depth discussion of the unique issues affecting your operation.  Why recreate the wheel when we can lean on each other to learn best practices?  Enjoy dynamic discussions and collaborate with industry leaders to gain further knowledge about topics that you bring to the floor.  This year’s topics will include new […]

Chat With Committee Members – Education And Marketing


Stop by the WWA Booth and meet with WWA Committee leaders! They are looking forward to chatting with you on a variety of topics.

Technology & Innovations Committee Meeting (Active Committee Members Only)


Addressing Employee Wellness And Navigating Maladaptive Guest Behaviors


Join a licensed professional counselor for psycho-education and discussion regarding employee wellness and maladaptive guest behavior. In this session, you will be given a therapeutic perspective on guest and employee relations and given practical and actionable tips on how to address topics, including but not limited to: mental health disorders and employment, behavior patterns, communication […]

Technology Upgrades – A Major Impact For Your Park


WWA Technology Committee members will showcase innovative technologies that park operators can use to increase customer spending, capture customer marketing date, improve record retention, improve staff training and explore ways to increase cashless operations.  These technologies range from simple free services to major park overhauls and panelists will share the good, the bad and what […]