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Use Of Technology For Hiring, Onboarding & Staffing Management


2020 has made us change our habits on hiring and training new and returning employees. Find out how to make technology be your new secret weapon for better Human Resources implementation. Operators will share the latest tools, tips and tricks.

10 Ways To Increase Your Seasonal Staff Retention Rate


Are you sick of seasonal employees quitting mid-season? In this high-energy session, we’ll take a look at what our Generation Z employees truly care about in a job. Then we’ll talk about ten different ways to boost seasonal staff morale and increase retention rates. We’ll start with the basics of how hiring and training can […]

Lifeguard Marketing & Recruiting Efforts


Before you can hire staff, you have to make them aware of, and excited about the job and your recruiting efforts; you must market to them. This session will discuss some ways to take a marketing style approach with your staff recruiting efforts.  Though this will be geared toward the Aquatics Staff recruitment, the concepts […]