Thursday, October 19

Keynote Session: Management Lessons I Learned From My Children

9:00am to 10:00am

Meeting Room: TBA

Have you ever noticed that leading employees in the workplace can be oddly similar to the experience of raising children? Referring to some of his life lessons learned raising three small children, Marlin Smith addresses several of the challenges that come along with managing people, as well as some of the common missteps that supervisors and managers make. Using humor and valuable life lessons, this session is a great recharge for new managers and professionals in their organizations that coach people in leadership roles. You’ll leave with a better understanding on how to create space for learning opportunities. You’ll better understand the value of positive feedback, how to protect your employees and instill trust, how to sharing the vision for your facility’s future and how to model appropriate behavior as a leader. This presentation is fast-paced and packed with great lessons and laughs.