Creating A Waterpark That Wows

Creating A Waterpark That Wows

Having an iconic ride or attraction is a great way to gain distinction for your waterpark, helping to set yourself apart from the competition and drive attendance. Whether it is a ride expansion at an established park or the marquee attraction at your new development, having just one spectacular attraction isn’t enough to keep guests coming back or keep them in your park longer. The complete package of amenities, waterslides, family-friendly attractions, and a well-laid out site plan is the key to a positive guest experience. And if your existing park is in need of an upgrade, there are a number of factors you should consider for a parkwide renovation before simply signing a contract for the flashiest new attraction on the market. In this session, you’ll hear from expert waterpark designers as they share ways not only to wow first-timers with iconic attractions, but also to engage potential repeat guests that generate revenue for the long term.




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