You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Every year, our season screams by.  We each setup our parks and give it our best to have our best season ever.  We train our team, polish the rides and make sure all of the marketing is rolling to make sure each year is better than the last.  By necessity, we all are a bunch of preparers and planners. We have plan A, B, C through Q and so on. 

The thing is, we don’t know what we don’t know. We can’t tell that this year is going to be a record breaker or if some unknown circumstance, such as weather or a mechanical issue, is going to hurt our performance this year.  We all have gaps in our knowledge. So… how do we prepare and plan for the unforeseeable? Chances are, you are thinking of planning some more.

I have found that although you may feel like you are the first one to ever come across these circumstances, and your situation is unique, you are probably not. There are hundreds of parks just like yours (that are outside of your target markets and are not competitors) that are out there.  What’s more, there are hundreds of people in your position that have had to deal with the same issues. Engaging other experts in our field is often the fastest way to come up with the best solution.  WHY? The answer is simply experience.  When we find a situation that needs to be addressed that we don’t know, we often find that we don’t have a lot of time to figure out a solution.  Asking your peers can save time and get you on track fast.  More importantly, you can skip the learning curve and make sure you avoid some of the pitfalls from someone who has been there before.

There’s no better spot to meet people with our particular expertise that at the WWA Show. This is a group of like-minded teams that are focused specifically on waterparks and on what we care about.  Getting to the WWA Show is an important part of creating the relationships that can help make the difference in your next season.  From hearing about the latest in technologies to solving crisis situations, the people assembled at WWA every year are a deep knowledge base that can be a great asset for your next season.

It’s not too late to register either. Come see the WWA Staff onsite at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center to register and take advantage of this once-a-year gathering.

Shawn Bowman
IdeaSeat Marketing