Wendy Christie


Human Resources Consultant

Wendy Christie, Owner of EmployerESource, has more than 20 years of experience in the area of employee relations. As a human resource consultant, she has helped countless companies develop legally compliant employee handbooks and documentation. All the consultants at EmployerESource take into account business and industry specific considerations while including state, federal and city laws. Christie has developed 3rd party reporting. This provides employees with a 3rd party to report workplace disputes, providing the company with an insurance policy against complaints and lawsuits. EmployerESource is the first line of defense in EEOC complaints and lawsuits. Christie has authored a number of articles in several industries on hiring practices, embezzlement, legally compliant employment practices and dress codes for today’s workplace culture. EmployerESource’s focus is on helping employers avoid a potential and costly employee claim. Christie’s experience includes: multi-state experience in employment laws; developing training material for a variety of applications; and developing custom policy and procedures for small and large companies.