R. Wayne Pierce, Esquire

The Pierce Law Firm, LLC


R. Wayne Pierce is the “adventure lawyer.” Pierce is the only lawyer elected to the World Waterpark Association’s Hall of Fame, a recognition of his accomplishments as a “pioneer or innovator who played an integral role in the development of the water leisure industry and the WWA.” He has also been elected to the Outdoor Amusement Business Association’s Hall of Fame, and serves as general counsel for the International Association of Trampoline Parks. He served on the WWA’s Board of Directors and chaired its Strategic Planning Committee from 2003-2010, and is a contributing author to the WWA’s Development & Expansion Guide. He is currently serving on the WWA’s Board of Directors a second time. He was selected for Aquatic International’s “Power 25” as one of the most powerful professionals in the entire waterpark field and the only lawyer who represents operators. He is the only lawyer to receive the World Waterpark Association’s Best Speaker Award in 1995 and the coveted Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award in 1997. He served as legal counsel for—and a principal force behind—some of industry’s most critical initiatives, including the Waterpark Best Practices Council, the Waterpark Safety Forum, the WWA’s Children’s Drowning Prevention Council and the WWA’s insurance program.