Nuresh Maredia

Hotel & Leisure Advisors

Director of Appraisal & Consulting Services

Nuresh Maredia is a hospitality consultant and appraiser and has completed various assignments in more than 30 states, including on some of the most recent waterparks to open across the country. He has generated appraisals, market feasibility studies, economic impact studies and hotel impact studies for a wide variety of leisure and hospitality property types. Maredia’s expertise is in the evaluation of leisure properties, including hotels, waterparks, amusement parks, surf parks and other leisure real estate. He has worked in management positions at a hotel and restaurant in Texas and has also helped operate and manage four independent hotels near Mumbai, India. Maredia has consulted on some of the largest indoor waterpark properties in the United States. He has been a hospitality consultant since 2006, is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in Texas and is a practicing affiliate with the Appraisal Institute. He heads the Hotel & Leisure Advisors San Antonio office.