Mark Scharenbroich, CSP, CPAE

Scharenbroich & Associates

Master Keynote Speaker, Author

Mark Scharenbroich’s, CSP, CPAE, comedy path started when he founded a comedy troupe, called Mom’s Apple Pie that performed at high schools and colleges. When the group disbanded, Scharenbroich went solo, combining his comedy with leadership training and messages about making connections. His speaking career kicked into gear when Scharenbroich was featured in the Jostens film, The Greatest Days of Your Life… (so far), which has been shown to more than 10,000 high schools worldwide. Scharenbroich became known for being able to grab the attention of 2,500 students in a gymnasium in 30 seconds or less. His ability to connect with students, and keep them glued to the presentation with humor and life-changing messages, earned him a reputation for being the top speaker in education. The demand for Scharenbroich as a speaker skyrocketed and he left his marketing position at Jostens in 1984. He and his wife, Susan, founded Scharenbroich & Associates, a motivational speaking and leadership training video production company. Scharenbroich quickly became known as a leading connections expert in developing leaders and transforming the culture of an organization. He is an award-winning keynote speaker, winner of an Emmy Award as writer/producer for an ABC TV special and recipient of several international film awards. As students grew up and moved into positions at Fortune 500 companies, they remembered the influence Mark Scharenbroich (the Shake ‘N’ Bake guy) had on their lives during high school. They continue to want to bring that same impact to their companies. In 2003, Scharenbroich was inducted into the National Speaker’s Association prestigious Hall of Fame. Less than 5 percent of the professional speakers worldwide have been awarded this honor. In 1977, Scharenbroich married his bride, Susan, who today manages Scharenbroich & Associates. They have three grown children, Matt, Mike and a daughter named Kate, 2 daughters-in-law named Kate, a grand baby (not named Kate), an English bulldog and five beehives. In 2010, they established to honor the memory of Scharenbroich’s father and to support veterans’ causes with a portion of the sales from the Nice Bike book.