Larry Newell

Jeff Ellis & Associates

Vice President of Education Services

Dr. Larry Newell leads the Ellis & Associates education services operations as the Vice President of Education Services. With 30 years of experience, the majority being in program development, publishing and business management, he most recently came from Jones and Bartlett Learning/Ascent Learning, where he served as the Executive Vice President. Prior to that, Newell served as the National Executive for Emergency Care & Safety Institute. He continues to pave the way for new development in education services provided by Ellis & Associates Inc. and Jeff Ellis Management, LLC. He is responsible for the global education strategy including the growth and delivery of traditional classroom-based learning, as well as e-learning. Newell earned his bachelor of science in education at the University of Pittsburgh, his master’s of science in education at Baylor University and his doctoral degree in education from Texas A&M University. He currently resides in Ashburn, Virginia with his wife and four children. He enjoys swimming, cycling, golf, hiking and poker in his free time. He also appreciates staying involved in the emergency responder sector, as he has 27 years as a National Registry Paramedic for the Critical Care Transport Paramedic.