Kirsten White, MS, PE

Talas Engineering, Inc.

Mechanical Engineer

Kirsten White, M.S., P.E., is a biomechanical engineer with Talas Engineering, Inc., located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Over the last 15 years, Ms. White has provided consulting services in biomechanics, injury causation, and accident reconstruction. Her work involves the study of movements of the body, determining injury mechanisms, tolerance, and causation, and analyzing how an incident or accident occurred. She has analyzed a wide variety of matters including industrial incidents, workplace tasks, recreational accidents, retail establishment claims, falls on level ground and from heights, and vehicular impacts.  Ms. White has conducted research and co-authored several studies in biomechanics and accident reconstruction. Ms. White received her Bachelor’s of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering from Adelaide University, in Australia, and her Master’s of Science degree in biomechanical engineering from Stanford University.