Kevin Kopeny

Universal Studios Hollywood

Director Operations / Studio Tour

Kevin Kopeny served as the VP/General Manager of Wild Rivers until its closure in 2011. He began working at Wild Rivers in 1988 and possesses more than 25 years of​ experience in the waterpark industry. Since the closure of Wild Rivers Waterpark, Kopeny has worked to develop his own consulting business. Kopeny’s consulting company focuses on operational and design/build expertise. Kopeny’s clients have retained his services over the past few years in many operational roles across the U.S., as well as internationally. Kopeny has either led or been involved in the development of multiple water related recreation venues. In 2014, Kopeny joined the team at Water Ventures leisure design, as their company’s Vice President. Since February of 2014, Kopeny has worked diligently to help Water Ventures provide project management services on multiple contracts, in both the municipal and the private sector. Kopeny has completed multiple design service and construction contracts for the firm and its clients. Kopeny has consulted on a number of projects, in both the public and private sectors and has always accepted requests to lend his experience to the industry.