Justin Caron

Aquatic Design Group

Justin Caron has worked with over 130 municipalities and park and recreation districts and at over 25 colleges and universities as they studied, planned, programmed, designed, and constructed new or renovated aquatic centers. He has been particularly active in assisting clients with feasibility, needs assessment, and master plan studies in the early stages of their projects to help them properly size, program, and plan for a facility that is fiscally responsible. Justin received his MBA in 2009. One of the major focuses of his studies was accurately analyzing and predicting demographic and cultural changes and phenomena with regards to aquatic recreation. Justin is an accomplished speaker and author. He has presented multiple educational sessions at conference for six national organizations and four regional organizations as well as having six articles published in national or international publications. Justin has also been a project manager for over 150 completed aquatic facilities in 22 states around the country and seven countries around the world and routinely makes presentations to City Council’s, Park and Recreation Boards, public forums, and at college campuses relating to aquatic issues.