John Seeker

Turnstile Advertising


John Seeker currently resides in Colleyville, Texas, with his wife of 38 years, Patti, and their two sons, Zachary and Peyton.  Following a stint in the US Army and a tour of duty in Vietnam, Seeker took advantage of his GI Bill to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from the prestigious Brooks Institute.  Following graduation in 1970, he joined Sea World San Diego as the staff photographer. For the next four years, Seeker would travel the globe, photographing whales, dolphins, sea lions, walrus and an assortment of other sea creatures. It was during this period that he would encounter the man who would forever alter his path—entrepreneur and Sea World founder, George Millay. When George left Sea World in 1975, Seeker would follow him to Seven Seas in Arlington, Texas where he worked as Marketing & Sales Manager. But George MIllay was not a man to content himself with past or present glories.  He had his eye on an entirely new concept. And once again, Seeker would uproot his life to follow his mentor. It was in Orlando, Florida in March of 1977, when a new industry was born with the opening of Wet ‘n Wild Water Park. Over the next two decades, George Millay would build parks in Texas, Las Vegas, Brazil and Cancun, Mexico, and Seeker would remain by his side, advancing to Corporate Senior VP, Marketing and Sales. In 1998, George would sell the company to Universal Parks and Recreation and Seeker would find himself traveling a new career path. After several years as VP Marketing with Ogden Entertainment and Alfa Smart Parks, Seeker would join forces with his long time Advertising Agency to become Account Supervisor for Wet ‘n Wild Orlando, Raging Waters, Splish Splash, Water Country, Emerald Pointe and Mountain Creek Water parks. Changes in agency ownership, however, added layers of management and built-in costs that were contrary to an industry that required quick response, common sense thinking and controlled spending. So once again, the influence of an entrepreneurial mentor would see Seeker trade the security of a successful career for the opportunity to run his own show.  In 2004, along with three partners and a hand-picked staff, Seeker opened Turnstile Inc. Advertising. Today, Turnstile is fortunate to work with leadership brands like Palace Entertainment, with 10 water parks, 9 theme parks and 22 family entertainment centers; Apex Parks Group and Six Flags.  His agency remains non-traditional, his approach hands-on, and his track record among the industry’s most successful. Though the influence of George Millay remains at his core, Seeker considers himself truly fortunate to have worked (and played) with some of the best people in the industry.