Jamie Colucci

City of Summit

Project Manager

Jamie Colucci is a man of many talents and interests spanning from a degree in architecture, a commercial drone license and rotorcraft pilot, expert mechanic, Nascar Truck Series owner, photographer, web designer and pool operator. He has more than three decades in commercial photography, cinematography and most importantly, real life, in-the-trenches business experience. Colucci brought all of those talents to the City of Summit, New Jersey first as a volunteer and then as the Presiding Officer of the Department of Community Programs Advisory Board. He fell in love with aquatics with his volunteer photography work at Summit’s award winning facility. When a position as Project Manager became available with the Department of Community Programs, he brought all of this life experience to this full time position. As Project Manager, Colucci’s role has expanded to include the management of the Summit Family Aquatic Center, construction projects for parks and recreation and all things communications. Colucci has a secret life as a six foot land shark known as Shark Diddy who has become an internationally known celebrity among waterpark mascots. Somewhat new to WWA, Colucci has already produced two How to Videos for WWA on drone photography. Colucci brings all this experience to his first presentation at the World Waterpark Association with “Picture This – From Cell Phones to Drones.”