David J. Bromilow, ICAE


Director - Parks & Attractions

David J. Bromilow, ICAE, is a mechanical engineer with global experience in the amusement, attractions and leisure industry specializing in the disciplines of safety, engineering, maintenance and operations. His career and experience in the industry extends to 42 years starting as a young apprentice mechanical engineer at Blackpool Pleasure Beach UK to his current position as the global director of parks and attractions for Mobaro, the worldwide industry leader of maintenance and safety software for the amusement park and attractions industry. During this time, Bromilow has had the opportunity to work with amusement parks and waterparks, motorsports, movie sector and winter mountain operations around the world in various roles ranging from safety and maintenance consultancy, as a park general manager to a sports, leisure and entertainment risk manager based out of Lloyds of London global speciality risks. He has supported and is an accomplished speaker at industry safety, maintenance and operations workshops around the world.  His knowledge of the industry extends to participation on several safety and engineering committees including the IAAPA Global and IAAPA – EMEA group for more than 20 years, and has served as the Vice Chairman of AIMS International.