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Ask The Experts: Operating During COVID-19


Do you have questions that continue to go unanswered? Are you looking for solutions to your toughest problems? Then this is a can’t miss time slot for you! You’ll have the chance to hear industry experts answer questions on key topics.

Lifeguard Marketing & Recruiting Efforts


Before you can hire staff, you have to make them aware of, and excited about the job and your recruiting efforts; you must market to them. This session will discuss some ways to take a marketing style approach with your staff recruiting efforts.  Though this will be geared toward the Aquatics Staff recruitment, the concepts […]

Managing Risk – Becoming A High Reliability Organization


This presentation will define high reliability organizations (HRO), and translate the tenets of Managing the Unexpected (Weick, K. and Sutcliffe, K., 2019) into an aquatic environment. Five concepts, including preoccupation with failure, a reluctance to simplify, being sensitive to operations, being committed to resilience and a deference to expertise, are defined, explored and examples will be […]