Thursday, October 21

When Is The Right Time To Plan For New Attractions?…NOW!

3:30pm to 4:45pm

Location: 213

Knowing when to capitalize on growing trends and open new streams of revenue is a crucial strength for waterpark operators. But you shouldn’t always wait until your metrics are plateauing, or worse—dropping—before you start thinking about a new attraction or expansion. Having a masterplan in place and talking to the right consultants NOW will put you ahead of the game when it comes to budgeting, selecting attractions, forecasting manufacturers’ lead times and scheduling construction that will limit the impact on operations. In this session, the team of aquatic engineer and executive waterpark operator share their tips for how to proactively plan for your waterpark’s expansion.  In this session you will learn how to: analyze your existing waterpark’s amenities/capacities and prepare for market demand with additional attractions; plan for an effective use of space that reflects your park’s long-term operational goals; and gain a realistic concept of attraction costs and learn tools for forecasting how long it will take to recoup that investment.