Thursday, October 21

The Value Is Right: Claim Valuation Game Show

3:30pm to 4:45pm

Location: 214A

This interactive session is a unique opportunity for students to compete in a game show format while exploring various areas of liability exposure that may arise at a waterpark and analyzing just how much that exposure might cost. The session will be led by IALDA members, including legal, insurance and industry professionals who are actively engaged in representing the interests of the amusement and leisure industries. Using hypothetical scenarios ranging from commonplace to catastrophic, attendees will participate in team discussions facilitated by our panel members as they work to identify issues and estimate the value of any potential claims, considering not only exposure for medical and legal fees but also incidental costs, such as crisis management and reputational harm. The teams will then reconvene to debrief and compare estimates, and the panel members will have a chance to share their relevant knowledge about all aspects of the claim process, including risk prevention, incident response and litigation. Overall, the goal of this session is to provide students with an invaluable opportunity to interact directly with IALDA members while learning about risk exposure. The intent of this session is to equip students with the tools to better recognize and understand the areas and extent of risk exposure in their respective venues in a fun and competitive manner.