Wednesday, October 20

Maximizing Your Passive Capacity: The Hidden Factor To Driving Your Per Cap Revenue

8:45am to 9:45am

Location: 213

While active capacity generally gets all of the attention, passive capacity can be as important a contributor to a park’s overall success. Passive capacity, the spaces between the attractions, is where a park’s identity really shines. Identifying the ideal number of appropriately designed and located passive areas can be as impactful on guest experience and a park’s bottom line as attractions, facilities and location—it can also be what helps differentiate a park in a saturated market, lengthening stay and driving satisfaction. This panel will discuss identifying and planning the right passive solutions in conjunction with the right active attractions, adjacency to main pedestrian circulation routes and service access points, as well as minimum space requirements. This session is applicable to both greenfield and established parks who want to identify positive passive capacity opportunities that will help drive ancillary revenue and positive guest experience surveys.