Wednesday, October 18

Marketing To Every Member Of The Family

5:00pm to 6:00pm

Meeting Room: 1BC

When marketing a waterpark, you need to appeal to every member of the family. Parents are your primary purchasers, while teenagers make up the majority of your workforce and children are your biggest fans! During this presentation, we will walk through the basic steps to reach every member of the family with your marketing techniques. Learn how you can leverage parental buying power using traditional and social media marketing that convinces them that your waterpark will provide them with relaxation and an easy day out with the kids, thus making it worth their hard-earned money. We’ll discuss how to reach that super-Mom who is the PTA President, School Fundraising Chair, Volleyball coach and so much more. Plus, we’ll look at how to make children love your waterpark so much that they ask their parents for season passes for the Christmas before and then want you to host their birthday party during the summer!