Making A Splash: Best Practices For Waterparks Under The Americans With Disabilities Act

8:45am to 9:45am

Meeting Room: 2D

This session will take a close look at the often confusing and complex world of the Americans With Disabilities Act as it applies to waterparks from both a legal and practical perspective.  Learn what the law is and, more importantly, what it means to your operation and your facility.  Additionally, waterpark operators will offer practical pointers, best practices and personal stories of compliance challenges both in traditional waterparks and in a park designed specifically to cater to the needs of disabled guests and their families.  This session will look at the so-called “waterslide exclusion” under the ADA and what it means (and, more importantly, doesn’t mean), architectural access issues for pools and aquatic attractions and discuss best practices for accommodating guests with cognitive disabilities, including autism.