Tuesday, October 17

iPREFAIL: Prepare To Fail…Reverse Engineer Success

10:00am to 11:15am

Meeting Room: TBA

iPREFAIL is focused on the concept of “Prepare to Fail: Reverse Engineer Your Success.” We want to provide you with the opportunity to “prefail” here so that when a real aquatic emergency occurs, you will “prevail.” You will be immersed in an aquatic event and will choose how to respond as things happen post event. We will provide you with a realistic view of how things might progress and what you might be asked of you personally in an aquatics leadership role from the event all the way through the legal process. We will allow you to look at the facts and analyze and determine what happened, what went well, what did not, what were the causal factors for the event and what are the lessons learned. We want to challenge you to think more defensively in your operation and strategize for when an event occurs. We often see operators who are on the offense, creating policies and doing trainings, but have never been taught how to think defensively. iPREFAIL is designed to bridge the gap between where our training ends and where reality begins. We believe aquatic events can happen to good people and to great operations, and an event does not mean an operation is a failure. We believe sharing and learning about these events with the aquatic community is essential to our growth and to informing others of the lessons learned from actual events. Join us as we grow and learn together through iPREFAIL!