Thursday, October 21

Inside The Aquatics Studios

8:45am to 9:45am

Location: 213

Have you ever wondered what it takes to design a waterpark or water attraction? Where do all these crazy ideas and designs come from? Come take a peek inside the minds of a few of the “masters of design” behind some of your favorite water attractions. Our panel of prominent industry design professionals will discuss their careers, favorite projects and answer questions about the design & development process. The session will highlight four prominent Aquatic Design professionals in a relaxed, from-the-sofa conversation. Each speaker will talk about their experience within the industry and provide insight as to what they consider when a new project comes across their drafting tables. They will explore how those considerations influence the design process for different types of developments and what needs to be considered when building new or renovating an old water attraction. The audience will also see highlights of some of the most ambitious projects of the speakers’ careers as well as possibly get a glimpse of projects in development.