Wednesday, October 9

Increase Brand ROI With A Multi-Lane Marketing Plan

5:00pm to 6:00pm

Location: Yucatan

When you want to keep your brand top-of-mind…when you want more people to come in more often and spend more when they’re there…when you want invaluable word-of-mouth recommendations—especially in the social and review realms, you have to start with a brand position that sets you apart and keeps your brand value flowing nicely into revenue. This interactive session addresses the challenges of getting recognition among the fray of messages out there. You’ll discover how to know you are uniquely positioning your brand vs. the competition for that entertainment dollar and to recruit an engaged, loyal workforce. You’ll learn how to leverage your database and social media presence to communicate your brand voice and drive measurable consumer action. You’ll hear how to keep your finger on the pulse of marketing spending to know what works and where your spending should be for optimum ROI.