Thursday, October 10

Double Your Group Sales Within 6 Months

10:15am to 11:15am

Location: Coronado D

Within every organization’s existing book of business, there is a hidden harvest of groups. In the heat of the moment, you as a group sales person can become focused on the one sale you just closed and not on the big picture. This session will teach you how to uncover opportunities every time you close the deal. We’ll apply skills learned in the banking world through detailed profiling of every customer, how to uncover opportunities through every deal and how to gain the trust of your customer in a few short minutes. In a self-centered world it is easy to become focused in on ourselves. But our success is really based on making our client the hero of their group for choosing our parks. This can’t happen unless we’re focused in on why they should choose our park to write their story. Come learn how to harvest low-hanging fruit within your existing book of business; learn how to build relationships that matter immediately through the old concept of it’s better to give than receive; and learn how to build a team that will always be selling the park and not themselves.