Thursday, October 21

Best Practices For Ensuring A Successful Project Build From Below Ground To Top-Of-The-Tower

5:00pm to 6:00pm

Location: 213

Discover ALL of the “hidden” or often unseen elements involved with designing and building a new park or ride, and learn best practices when it comes to the program management of your project. Hear from experienced operators, developers and people with their boots directly on the ground, to examine what is really involved when it comes to executing a successful project build – from picking the ride to everything that is needed to actually getting it up, running and open to the public. Hint: Picking the rides is the easy part!  Whether you are considering an expansion, single ride addition or designing and building a completely new indoor or outdoor park, in this session you will discover key learnings and best practices on how to keep your project moving forward while also avoiding unnecessary delays and costly overruns.