NinjaCross™ Systems

Company Profile

Activate Your Facility On-Demand. GET COMPETITIVE. GET MOVING. Designed for indoor and outdoor facilities. Fitness. Competition, Recreation. Create new profit centers – daily classes, weekly leagues and monthly paid events. Generate sponsorships, fuel fundraising and attract donors for your facility. NINJACROSS™️ SYSTEMS launched our patented system in 2019 – Push A Button & the system deploys to water level in 2 Minutes – ZERO interference to your existing programs & schedule – 10 person capacity (5 per lane) and 6-Day Install. Conquer obstacles below, on and above the water surface. Draw wide user groups to your pool. Customize your entertainment system with competition, deployment and retraction music. Customize your branding with leg wraps, obstacle frame banners and signage. Create 2 identical lanes or a beginner and advanced lane from 20 obstacle options, the system connections are fully interchangeable and can be updated on the fly to keep things fresh for your members and guests, constantly reinventing the experience. Each system comes with a LED time display so participants can race against the best time of the day, the week, all time best, or their own personal best time. Get started – www.NinjaCrossSystems.com