APPropos Marketing

I want it all. And I want it now.

So said Veruca Salt from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Guests want it now and that’s not a bad thing. Last year Splash Kingdom Family Water Parks decided to develop an app to enhance guest convenience.

Through focus group research we discovered that our guests prefer to use apps with quick information rather than logging into a website and navigate to desired information.  From banking to music to social media most sources are moving to include apps for customer information/product.  There are good app developers in the market that will create at a reasonable cost and provide monthly maintenance as well.

Keep it simple – The app is for convenience, not a small version of your website. We include events schedule, FAQs, ride’s available, contact info and ticket/purchase information.

Keep it clean – There is a tendency to try to jam as much info or graphics on a page as one can fit. Resist that urge and remember that guests will be using a smart device to access your app. Clean pictures and clean graphics will aid in user pleasure.

Keep it driving revenue – At bottom of all our pages we have a “Buy Tickets Now” banner.  This links straight to our webstore and guests can easily purchase tickets on the way to the park and walk straight through gate scanners will the ticket barcode on the phone/tablet.  We also utilize push notifications to award new users with a welcome gift from time to time and existing users with free items and discounts.  Our focus group also revealed that most Moms do not turn on or allow push notifications unless they are relevant and rewarding.

This year we have added videos to our line-up of guest pleasers on the app.  We take daily videos, produce and upload for viewing next day on app.  Guests get to potentially see themselves in a fun video and as they spend time on the app they may even purchase another ticket for another day.

Mickey Lewis
Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks