5 Tips To Get You Started Using Facebook Live!

In a world where brands are often measured by the number of likes & comments on their Facebook page, social media content managers are always looking for the latest trend while trying to master the latest version of the ever changing algorithm. Facebook started with a stream that highlighted the most recent posts, to later shifting their focus to images, then video and now… live-streaming!

But have no fear about this latest trend! With these 5 tips to get you started, you will be “going-live” and reaching new levels of interaction to make your analytics go off the charts.

  1. Promote in advance. Let your fans know that you will be partaking in a live stream and encourage them to tune in. BUT: Don’t limit yourself to Facebook fans; promote it across all of your platforms to reach a wider audience.*HACK! Add an incentive to your video to encourage viewers to join when you don’t have a special announcement.*

  2. Prepare. Check to make sure you have a strong connection from the place you will be streaming from. Use natural light or spotlights to make sure your viewers can see your stream clearly. Cut background noise with an inexpensive investment, purchase a  for the best audio possible. *HACK! Do a practice run on your personal page but keep it private by switching the privacy setting to “Only Me”  and see what tweaks you need to make before you stream on your page.*

  3. It’s all about timing. Dig in to your analytics and determine the time your audience is most responsive, that is when you should go live. Once you are live, don’t rush through it. Keep in mind that some people take a little time to check their notifications and get to your video. Once you are a few minutes into the video, do a quick summary to update the viewers that tuned in a little late. *HACK! Flip the screen quickly by double tapping your video.*

  4. Encourage Engagement. This starts form the description. Make sure you make it intriguing and exciting enough to make your audience want to tune in. Once you have their attention, say hello to them by name when they comment below or even answer some of their questions. *HACK! Click the wand icon on the left corner to change the filter or draw on your video.*

  5. Ask them to subscribe! Below your comments section there is a banner that says “Follow to receive notifications when (Your Page Name) is live” and a “Follow” button nest to it. Ask your viewers to click it in order to not miss your upcoming live streams. That’s how you build your audience!

For more tips and hacks to get the most out of Facebook Live and all of your social media platforms, be sure you join us at the WWA Show for our social media round table session entitled: Social Media Session: Sailing the MEDIA-terranean Sea! See you at the WWA Show!

Marisol Ramirez
Hurricane Alley Waterpark